Audio For VATSIM

Welcome to the next generation of online flying

Getting Started

You will need to make an update to your pilot or ATC client in order to use VATSIM from the launch date. Simple instructions have been written for you to follow: please read them carefully!

Update My Client


Voice Quality

Brand new codec simulating both VHF and HF radios, including optional realistic distortion, white noise and realistic VHF simulation.

Reduced Delay

An 80% reduction in latency, making busy frequencies more realistic and less frustrating.

Range Simulation

Transceivers are set up as per real ATC positions, with signal strength decreasing with distance.

No More Voice Rooms

Cross coupling allows controllers to open multiple frequencies, and air to air comms between pilots works just like a real radio.

Need more technical details?

Visit the knowledge base

Need Help?

The VATSIM community is providing support for this change through our forums!