VRC (requires standalone client)

In order to use VRC with Audio for VATSIM, you will need to ensure you are using the latest version and also download the Audio for VATSIM standalone client.

Although at present controller clients require the standalone client, we expect them to be fully integrated shortly.

Step 1: Download and install the Latest version of VRC.

Step 2: Download and install the Audio for VATSIM standalone client.

Step 3: Connect to the network using VRC in the normal way.

Step 4: IMPORTANT! Set your communications panel as shown in the following graphic. Ensure that your Vox Server and Vox Channel windows are blank. Additionally, only check the PRIM, TX, and RX boxes.

Standalone Settings

Step 5: Launch the Audio for VATSIM software, configure it using the settings button if using it for the first time, and hit connect!

The first time your run the Stand-Alone client, open the settings window and calibrate your microphone. When talking, the bar should be bouncing into the green band. If it does not, make sure you increase or decrease your mic volume using the mic volume slider.

Don't forget to assign a Push-to-talk!

Standalone Settings

For further information refer to Section 6: Controlling with AFV in the Audio for VATSIM Manual linked on the top left of this page.

vATIS for AFV is available Here