vPilot (fully integrated with Audio For VATSIM)

In order to use vPilot with Audio for VATSIM, update to its latest version. The next time you launch vPilot you will be prompted to update to a newer version - ensure you select 'yes' so that you can continue using voice on VATSIM after the switch. Click here to download the latest version of vPilot. You do not need to download anything else.

Download Update

The first time you run the updated version of vPilot, be sure to open settings and calibrate your microphone under the audio menu. When talking, the bar should be bouncing into the green band. If it does not, make sure you increase the mic volume using the slider.

vPilot Settings

You will be able to connect and use vPilot in the same way as before.

System Requirements: Windows 7 or Above & .NET 4.7.2