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General FAQs

  • Can I fly Text only or Receive only?
    • Yes, all current modes of flying on VATSIM are supported.
  • Will AFV work with my audio routing solution (e.g. Virtual Audio Cable)?
    • As Audio for VATSIM is just an audio application, you should be able to use any audio routing program. However, we cannot provide support for any third party software.
  • Another user just asked me to adjust my microphone. What does that mean?
    • Audio for VATSIM requires you to calibrate your microphone within the client you are using. Please go to the settings and adjust the microphone gain slider until you can talk with most of your speech within the green band.
  • Why can't I hear my voice back during the microphone calibration?
    • Playing your voice back to yourself is actually not a very reliable way of setting audio levels. Ensuring your speech is peaking mostly in the green area of the meter is by far the most reliable way to ensure consistent results.
  • Why are some pilots/controllers louder than others?
    • Audio for VATSIM simulates VHF ranges, so the further away from another pilot or controller you are, the less you may be able to hear them or the more static you may hear in a transmission. If you believe you are sufficiently in range, they have not set up their volume correctly. You could advise them to change it in the settings.
  • Are 8.33 kHz frequencies supported?
    • Audio for VATSIM has the capability to support 8.33 kHz but unfortunately Simconnect for FS9, FSX, and P3D does not. Should that change in the future we will certainly implement it!
  • I am an addon developer and I want to integrate AFV into my software.
  • I love Audio for VATSIM and I want to do something in return.
    • As with everything on VATSIM, this is free to our users. Please enjoy the experience and if you really want to give something, consider donating to VATSIM Inc.